"This product is a life-saver! This gives me great piece of mind with young children in the house."
- Michelle, California

"We use this for events, where the general public might unplug our equipment.
- Ella

"Effective against puppy pulls"
- Mocha, Florida



There are many uses for Secure-Connect including Child Safety, Day Care Centers, Preschools, Construction Sites, Power Cords, Hand Tools, General Household Use, Vacuum Cords, Lamps, Holiday Lights, Garages, Extension cords and Tools, Hospitals, Life Saving Equipment, Offices, and Computers.

Secure-Connect is the first product with the ability to easily secure a plug into a wall receptacle safely, securely and affordably. Secure-Connect will secure any wire to an outlet for safety purposes as well as convenience to make sure any cord is held securely into a circuit. Secure-Connect is your choice for electrical safety. Protecting you. Protecting your family.